Fakta ini adalah sebuah kenyataan yang sama sekali tidak bisa diingkari oleh anggota Hikmatul Iman bahkan oleh guru besarnya sendiri. Menurut pengakuan Dicky Zainal Abidin (guru besar Hikmatul Iman) ilmu tenaga dalamnya didapat dari hasil imajinasi setelah membaca komik tiger wong dan bertemu dengan jin bernama Muhammad jibril yang menjadi khodamnya, juga aji-aji kesaktiannya didapat dari hadiah jin. Berikut cuplikan hasil penelitian disertasi orang barat bisa dilihat di :

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Powers of the Imagination:

The case of Hikmatul Iman

The inner power of theHikmatul Iman school, founded by Dicky Zaenal Arifin in Bandung in 1988, came as an unexpected divine gift. His experiences were situated in the context of representations of martial arts and the supernatural in popular culture.80 Dicky’s unusual abilities first surfaced as a young boy. He was able to see supernatural beings such as jinn and ghosts, as well as sometimes having lucid premonitions in the form of visions or dreams. He did not share these experiences with his family, and thought little of them until he was in his early twenties.

One day in September 1988, whilst engrossed in reading his favourite silat comic `Tiger Wong’, the light in Dicky’s bedroom suddenly became extremely dim. Looking up he saw a translucent figure, which he described as being similar to a hologram,
performing martial arts movements as well as breathing techniques. Focusing his eyes upon this holograph-like vision, he realised that the figure was in fact himself. Overcome with panic at this unexpected apparition he jumped to his feet, at which point the
hologram disappeared. Yet the experience was not yet over. Dicky then became aware of a powerful energy pulsing and surging through his body, generating alternating sensations of extreme heat and cold. This was followed by a feeling of an immense and excruciating pressure that was seemingly coming from both inside and outside of his body. This was accompanied by apocalyptic visions of bizarre other worldly creatures, erupting volcanoes spewing molten lava, and the world shattering and splintering into tiny pieces.
At a loss as to what to do, Dicky then remembered one of the movements performed by his hallucinatory double that he was later to name `one water’ (Ind: air satu). Dragging himself to his feet, he repeated the movements three times, at which point the force
pressing upon him dispersed and was replaced by a sense of an immense overflowing of power within him. He knew that he could control this power at will. The vision often returned to him in the following days, and Dicky soon found that he could will it to
appear. Each time he carefully observed and noted down the seemingly endless array of martial arts movements and breathing techniques, the likes of which he had never seen before.
After nearly two weeks of learning from the hologram, his room was filled with a brilliant white light, out of which appeared a human figure wearing a white cloak. The figure immediately paid homage to Dicky, introducing itself as Muhamad Jibril, the war
commander (Ind: panglima perang) of the Mabut kingdom of Muslim jinn. The jinn chieftain said that he, along with 101 other kingdoms of Muslim jinn, submitted to Dicky and were prepared to assist him in the jihad fisabilillah, the holy war to convert non-
Muslims. Sharpening eyes his upon the jinn, Dicky then saw that its form was in fact like that of a white haired gorilla. In the following days countless kingdoms of `infidel jinn’ (Ind: jinn khafir) appeared before Dicky and expressed their desire to become Muslim.

After converting to Islam under Dicky’s guidance, the jinn bestowed upon him numerous powers (Setelah masuk Islam dibawah bimbingan Dicky, jin tersebut MEMBERIKAN BANYAK KEKUATAN.red), a process that has continued up until the present. Some of these powers include:

– Ilmu Kidang Kancana: The ability to run at extreme speed, as if pushed by a powerful wind.
– Rubah Wujud: This ilmu is to be used when facing a black sorcerer. If they change their form into that of a dragon, one who has this ilmu will be able to change into a giant, a black hawk or another equally terrifying form.
– Kilat Api: When facing a powerful opponent, one who has mastered this ilmu will be able to shoot a blast of scorching wind from their hands.
– Tali Gaib: a supernatural rope with which to tie up disruptive non-Muslim jinn (Ind: jinn khafir), especially jinn thuyul.82
– Beset: To make an opponent believe they have been cut in two. The opponent will hallucinate that their body has been sliced in half and feel pain as if it had. However in reality their body will remain intact.

The method requires that the opponent attack in a state of emotional distress (ie. anger, fear) at which point one simply slices ones hands through the air as if slicing them down the middle. This needs to be done at a distance of around one to two metres from the opponent.


Kalian mau berkilah apa lagi wahai saudaraku, ingatlah siksa Allah sangat pedih jika kalian berbuat syirik pada Allah, kalian berlatih ilmu Hikmatul Iman dari campur tangan jin, kalian selalu berkilah dengan berlindung dibalik teori yang terkesan ilmiah (teori ATP, aura dll) namun pada hakikatnya untuk menutupi kenyataan sebenarnya bahwa keilmuan TENAGA DALAM DAN TENAGA METAFISIKA Hikmatul Iman adalah “bonus” dari jin bahkan Guru kalian berkhodam jin Muhammad Jibril. Kalian tanpa disadari telah berhikmat dengan jin! Kalian telah mengingkari firman Allah dalam surat Jin ayat 6 bahwa manusia dilarang untuk meminta bantuan kepada jin.

Sangat wajar jika kalian sangat membenci doa-doa ruqyah sebab, jiwa-jiwa kalian telah tertutupi oleh makhluk ghoib sebangsa jin yang memang sangat tidak menyukai sunnah ruqyah.

Ada pengakuan jujur seorang Mantan petinggi Hikmatul Iman yang telah bertaubat dan menjalani terapi ruqyah yang bisa rekan-rekan lihat di http://ruqyah-online.blogspot.com/2009/04/tantangan-debat-dari-hikmatul-iman-yang.html


debat yang sangat menarik…saya dulu mantan HI, bahkan kenal dekat dgn kang dicky sendiri dan pelatih2 seperti kang wisnu, kang otang dll. Alhamdulillah ALLAH memberikan saya petunjuk sehingga saya terbuka wawasan keislaman saya, dan saya pun telah mengikuti terapi rukyah selama 3x, sungguh ini adalah pengalaman bathin yg tak terlupakan, saya doakan akang2 semua di HI mendapat hidayah dari ALLAH SWT di lunakkan hatinya dan kembali kepada ajaran islam yang diajarkan RASULLULLAH…AMIN.karena saya yakin akang2 di HI semuanya adalah org yg baik…trima kasih, btw sekarang saya mempelajari brazilian jiujitsu, karena ini yg paling efektif dan sunnah (rasul dul juga bergulat), dan juga systema beladiri dari rusia yang mempelajari taktik berperang yg sesungguhnya…